Jamie and Sandro

Jamie Lee and Sandro Santos met in no other place than on the Dance Floor. They both have a deep and enduring love of dance. 

Dancing together since 2015 and have since taught and performed at numerous events nationwide from local workshops to large international congresses.

Jamie has a rich dance background in classical ballet, modern, contemporary and jazz. Sandro is trained in Brazilian ballroom and of course Brazilian Zouk. He has been on the social dance scene of his hometown in Brazil since he was 17 years old.

Together Jamie and Sandro are one of the high Brazilian zouk couples in the AUS - dancers, performers, choreographers and instructors certified by Renata Pecanha (Brazil), Carlos & Fernanda (Czech Republic), Kadu and Larissa (Australia)

Jamie and Sandro are also the directors of the ConXsion Dance Studio on the Gold Coast / Australia. Having combined their knowledge and experience as dancers and teachers, Jamie and Sandro have built a unique and memorable style, which they are always eager to share! 

They have had great success with their students and performance teams, taking beginner dancers and mentoring them to perform and reach amazing goals in record time. Their choreography has received enthusiastic and humbling praise from some of the best in the industry, much to their surprise and delight. 
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